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About Us

It is our Vision to be the organisation of choice for our innovative thought and quality focused offerings. Translating this is our Mission to constantly discover new processes that deliver competitively superior outcomes. Our strong R&D base coupled with in-depth understanding of metal finishing and electroplating chemicals ensures market relevant offerings across various processes. Today Daulat International has made its presence felt in quality conscious markets and offers a wide range of services and chemical processes that have earned for it an enviable reputation in a highly competitive market. Daulat International coats a wide variety of products ranging from electronics and electricals to costume jewellery, bathroom fixtures, nuts, bolts and more. In addition, Daulat International also manufactures and markets the various chemicals that form part of its trademarked processes and hence diversified its presence to create a more stable organisation.


Our focus on innovation and market relevant offerings is founded on our strong R&D philosophy. Aimed at discovering new and improved metal finishing techniques, we ensure a competitive edge in today’s quality focused markets.

Borne out by the creation of “tinGlo”™ Bright Acid Tin Plating Process which has laid the foundation for the progress of the entire Indian tin plating sector.

Since then this organisation has evolved and continues to be a category leader built on strong technology insight and in-depth market understanding.


Since inception Daulat International was involved in electroplating with a focus on electronic components for leading consumer electronics brands. The need was felt for a tinplating process that could instantly solder tin onto PCB's populated with electronic components. The aim was to create a more efficient and speedier process which led to the creation of “tinGlo”™ BATP process : a system that not only greatly accelerated the pace of tin plating and made it cost effective, but also created a new standard for the Indian electroplating industry.

News of this innovative process spread within the sector and soon greater advantages were tapped, and new markets created through knowledge sharing with other electroplaters – Along with in-house manufacturing and marketing of the chemicals that were an intrinsic part of the process.

Creating new marketing and expansion opportunities, DI soon grew in size and presence becoming the go to name for tinplating that was effective and innovative.


Recognising that markets evolve and with it standards too, DI has constantly focused on ensuring that quality levels are maintained. Creating value over the years, DI has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide its products and services that match the industry’s finest.

Constant staff education plays a vital role and regular quality checks backed by random sampling ensures only the finest emerges from DI.

@ heart

Daulat International is driven by innovation and is built on strong technical and market knowledge. Recognising the dynamic nature of the industry and its constantly evolving needs, we keep abreast of the latest developments globally and nationally. Challenging established and accepted ways ensures that we discover new pathways where none seem to exist.

Our ability to adopt fresh perspectives enables us to constantly create and enhance our functioning, processes and technology standards. This ensures that we remain competitive and play an industry leadership role.


A hallmark of traditional DI innovation, our plating processes have been intentionally kept simple and easy to use, so as to reduce the possibility of errors and also ensure consistent performance. The focus has always been on eco-friendly processes and hence the usage of dangerous chemicals has been kept to the minimum.

Steps in our Tin Plating Process


The components are cleaned, degreased and descaled, if necessary to remove all foreign material. The aim is to create a metal surface which is free of oils, exposing a uniform and reactive metal surface. Conventional and acceptable methods include: cleaning in an alkaline detergent soak cleaner, solvent degreasing or electro cleaning. Descaling / derusting is done as per conventional industry processes. Abrasive cleaning methods such as vibratory, bead blasting, shot peening, and vapor honing may be used wherever required with good results. Finally, chemical polishing or barrel polishing may be done to achieve a brightness prior to plating.

Cleaning / De-greasing:

Degreasing is done with ‘KleenSol-NF’ or ‘KleenSol-ST’ 20% (by volume). Immersion time depends on extent of oil & dirt present. Ultrasonically agitated cleaning is more efficient and thorough, requiring less time as well. Heating the cleaner/degreaser bath to 60ºC will aid the process, followed by a thorough water rinse.

Acid De-scale / De-rust:

* Water       vol. 70% (700ml/lt)
* Sulphuric Acid (c.p./sp.qr.1.84)       vol. 25% (250ml/lt)
* PikSol       vol. 5% (50ml/lt)

Immersion time: sufficient to completely remove oxides, rust and scale
Temp: room to 50°C
Thorough water rinse after descaling / derusting

Chemical or Barrel polish (optional):

Thorough water rinse after chemical or barrel polishing.

Copper Plating:

After the above pre-treatment/surface preparation the components are neutralized in dilute cyanide solution prior to copper plating from the cyanide copper bath or neutralized in 5% v/v sulfuric acid solution prior to acid copper plating. It should be noted that minimum thickness of 3 microns copper plating is mandatory on brass, other zinc containing base metals and gold prior to “tinGlo”™ plating. This is to avoid zinc migration or gold diffusion into the tin which causes tarnishing and poor solderability.

However, copper plating on iron and steel base metals is optional prior to “tinGlo”™.

Thorough water rinse after copper plating.

“tinGlo” Plating:

Please refer to “tinGlo”™ Data Sheet for full details of operation.



After the components are “tinGlo”™ plated and rinsed thoroughly, the same are dipped in 'tinNeutralizer' solution to neutralise any resdual tin plating solution remaining on the components. This is to avoid tarnishing and / or yellowing of the “tinGlo”™ plated components during storage. Thorough water rinse after 'tinNeutralizer' dip.


After neutralizing and rinsing, the components may be optionally treated in ‘tinAntox/tinPass’ to enhance the tarnish resistance and to mitigate ”whiskering” of the “tinGlo”™ plated components which may have to undergo further manufacturing steps involving exposure to temperatures above 100ºC. Thorough water rinse after ‘tinAntox/tinPass’ dip.


Alternately after neutralizing and rinsing, the components are treated in 'DiRinz' rinse -aid cum water -repellant dip to avoid water spotting and to seal the “tinGlo”™ plating, followed by rinsing.


After ‘DiRinz’ treatment the components are dried in a heated centrifuge or hot air blowing followed by packing in sealed PP or polythene bags.

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